Music / Open Chest TV / OC TV: Turning Passion Into Action With Singer-Songwriter, Farahri – PT. 1

OC TV: Turning Passion Into Action With Singer-Songwriter, Farahri – PT. 1

Music Open Chest TV Feb 05, 2016

The great British poet and essayist T. S. Eliot once said: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” Inspirational pop singer-songwriter Farahri was so shy in high school, for some of her earliest performances she sang hidden under a blanket. But she would dig deep to find the strength to go on to sing at illustrious events for Miss Universe Canada and America’s Top Model, and perform internationally alongside many modern music superstars.

Farahri shares her powerful story through her emotive pop-tinged R&B, and a variety of initiatives to embolden others to make courageous life choices. Last fall she issued her euphoric debut EP, No Fear Just Play, and has since organized a fan-based community called Fireflys. With this collective, Farahri motivates members to break free from self and societal imposed limitations and embrace the light shining within.

[blockquote]“I came to a point in my life where I felt like I couldn’t hide from my dreams anymore,” the Toronto, Canada-based artist confides. “I needed to stop fear from holding me back.”[/blockquote]

It’s in this first of two part interview with Farahri where I take a moment to find out who the woman behind the music is, how she grew up and what inspired her to take a courageous journey, against family and obligation to her current state with a brand new EP No Fear, Just Play.





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