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#TryBeatingMeLightly: Pakistani Women React To ‘Gentle Beating’ Bill

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The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) recently advised the Pakistani government and husbands that it's completely okay to give their wives a "gentle beating."

To nobody's surprise, the CII's bill has sparked outrage, but Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani thinks a light smack or two are far from violent.

“Do not try to relate our proposal (on beating women) with violence," said the chairman. "Light beating does not mean violence.”

The council proposed a "light beating" should be in order if the husband's wife "goes against his commands," refuses to dress as he wants, turns down sex, doesn't observe the hijab, interacts with strangers, speaks loudly and a slew of other things.

CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani
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“The issue has been blown totally out of proportion," said Maulana Sherani. "Everyone condemns violence."

"People need to be educated to stay away from violence. If you want her (a wife) to mend her ways, you should first advise her, If she refuses, stop talking to her," he said. "Still if she does not show compliance, stop sharing a bed with her, and if things do not change, get a bit strict.”

The chairman suggests husbands use light things "like a handkerchief, a hat or a turban" for the beating but advises "not to hit her on the face or private parts." He says the beating shouldn't cause any kind of physical damage or scratches and to "resort to light stuff, nothing serious.”

The proposed bill has faced severe public reaction, but the CII is undeterred. The group wants parliament to seriously consider the proposed "women protection bill."

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Pakistani women (and everyone else on social media) have been rallying behind the hashtag #TryBeatingMeLightly with strong messages saying how they would respond if someone tried to 'lightly beat' them.

Plenty of male Muslims, like Pakistani photographer Fahhad Rajper, are completely against and disgusted by the bill as well.

“Islam doesn’t preach [any] such thing, be it for a man or a woman,” he said to the Huffington Post in an email. "Anyone who’s sane enough wouldn’t be okay with it," he added.

Rajper recently launched #TryBeatingMeLightly, a photo series that showcases Pakistani women’s reactions to the bill. Check out some of the reactions.

Photo Credit: Fahhad Rajper

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, I’ll become the destruction you will never forsee" —Adeeqa Lalwani, Digital Storyteller

Photo Credit: Fahhad Rajper

"#TryBeatingMeLightly – I’m the sun. Touch me and I will burn you like hell fire. I am light, you will try, but you can never stop me. You can never contain me. I am the kind of woman they name hurricanes after. I dare you, #TryBeatingMeLightly" —Rabya Ahmed, Photo Blogger

Photo Credit: Fahhad Rajper

"#TryBeatingMeLightly, I will beat you up lightly too, that too in public. I am very particular about gender equality." —Fizza Rahman, Senior Brand Manager

Photo Credit: Fahhad Rajper

"#TryBeatingMeLightly – I’ll break that hand you raised at me. Remaining damage? I’ll leave it up to Allah." —Shagufta Abbas, Doctor.

While CII members wait patiently for the bill to be finalized, check out more of Rajper’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

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