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What Are The World’s Sexiest Nationalities?

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Jun 22, 2016 has released its fourth annual list of the sexiest nationalities, and it seems that men from the United States no longer need to travel abroad to find a sexy date.

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Over 90,000 US users were polled to see who are the sexiest of them all.

Kardashian sisters vs. Jenner sisters

The Kardashian sisters have ruled the headlines for the past few years, which could be why Armenians were ranked as the hottest nationality in 2015. But this year, they were overtaken by the all-American girl.

According to a new poll, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been deemed sexier than their older sisters, and Taylor Swift and Hailey Baldwin have also been stealing headlines away from reality TV's hottest sisters. 

Taylor Swift and her "girl squad"
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In this year's poll, a whopping 41,643 men were asked to rank the sexiest nationalities for women, and these were the results.

#10: Italian

Amy Adams
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#9: English

Keira Knightley
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#8: Australian

Kylie Minogue
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#7 : Barbadan/Bajan


#6: Filipina

Angel Locsin
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#5: Colombian

Catalina Sandino Moreno
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#4: Cuban

Ana De Armas
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#3: Canadian

Amanda Crew
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#2: Armenian

Kim Kardashian
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#1: American

Jennifer Aniston
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When it came to the top-ranking of men, according to 49,418 women, the results were slightly different. This difference could be due to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's charm or Justin's Bieber's tempting six-pack.

Canadian men have been rated the sexiest nationality. Zayn Malik may also have a lot to do with the fact that Pakistani men came in at number 10!

#10: Pakistani

Zayn Malik
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#9: English

David Beckham
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#8: Chilean

Cristian De La Fuente
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#7: Irish

Colin Farrell
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#6: Korean

Daniel Henney
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#5: Spanish 

Enrique Inglesias
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#4: Italian

Marco Borriello
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#3: Australian

Liam Hemsworth
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#2: American

Brad Pitt
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#1: Canadian

Justin Bieber
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