Music / Open Chest TV / OCTV: Sammy Chand On Pioneering Desi Music In America Pt.1

OCTV: Sammy Chand On Pioneering Desi Music In America Pt.1

Music Open Chest TV May 03, 2016

Sammy Chand has transformed both the musical landscape and the South Asian community with a storied career spanning over two decades. In 1996, he laid the foundation for Rukus Avenue, as an independent record label and platform for an emerging scene of South Asian musicians in North America.

[blockquote]This seminal company was at the forefront of a community-driven movement to establish a new identity for South-Asian Americans, that were charged with the task of reconciling traditional cultural values with American ones.[/blockquote]

Join me as I sit down with Sammy during my Open Chest Los Angeles Series tour, where he talks to me about how the British Desi music revolution fed his passion to pioneer the sound in America.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where he reveals his participation in the critically acclaimed human-trafficking film, SOLD The Movie.

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