Media / Open Chest TV / OCTV: Rakhi Mutta On Breaking South Asian Barriers & Finding Her Voice – Pt.1

OCTV: Rakhi Mutta On Breaking South Asian Barriers & Finding Her Voice – Pt.1

Media Open Chest TV Apr 20, 2016

Born to social activist parents of Indian descent, Rakhi Mutta was raised in the vibrant multicultural City of Toronto, Canada, where she currently works and resides. At a young age, Rakhi’s recognition of her curious mind led to her to continuously challenge societal norms and always envision something greater.

[blockquote]Working in community development for over 14 years, both locally and globally in places such as India, Nepal, Kenya, Brazil and Colombia, Rakhi developed her own unique lens and a rooted passion for storytelling.[/blockquote]

Throughout her career, she has worked with various high-risk communities — including Dalits, displaced peoples, child soldiers and other victims of violence. Rakhi’s global work eventually led to the creation of the international non-profit organization Kahaniya, which means “sisters sharing stories.” Kahaniya has been featured in national publications like Elle Canada and Canadian Living. It focuses on providing documentation tools for communities whose combined lived experiences mainstream media often ignores.

Today, through her production company, Ms. Mutta Productions Inc., Rakhi furthers her work as a storyteller, creating visual projects like the hit viral video Punjabi Mime Thru Time, the popular web series Anarkali and a photography series entitled The Good Indian Bride. This last project was featured at Nuit Blanche 2015 and the 2015 Feminist Art Conference. Rakhi is the co-founder of The Society of DirectHERS and ProduceHERS, an organization that held its inaugural event by hosting the Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young.

Rakhi sits down for an intimate one-on-one conversation with me on OPEN CHEST TV. She speaks candidly about her childhood experiences and the values her parents instilled in her. She also shares why it’s her mission to share stories from the South Asian community and how her current projects fit in with her mission.

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