Anokhi Pulse TV / PARATOPIA: Dance, Displacement & Culture

PARATOPIA: Dance, Displacement & Culture

Anokhi Pulse TV Feb 05, 2016

Pushing the boundaries of Kathak in new and exciting ways to explore a 21st-century vision of dance, Paratopia combines traditional South Asian moves with sharp motions from contemporary dance.

Featuring top-notch dancers and musicians from Toronto and India, Paratopia showcases the diverse parameters of classical Kathak dance. The style originated in India's 17th-century royal courts and is known for its intricate footwork and rhythms as well as its graceful sweeps. The word "paratopia" connotes displacement and alterity, and these ideas reflect in a dynamic display of different movement styles, ranging from Kathak to contemporary to hip hop.

ANOKHI PULSE TV speaks to creator and choreographer Bageshree Vaze about what inspired her to create Paratopia by fusing together different forms of dance. Vaze also opens up to APTV about the challenges in creating fusion art pieces and what she hopes viewers take away from her spin on the art of movement.

Main Image Photo Credit: Bageshree Vaze

Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


Daniel is the Digital Media Manager for ANOKHI MEDIA and the host for ANOKHI's entertainment channel, PULSE TV. As part of the dream team, Daniel manages all multiple channels under ANOKHI’s portfolio, while also training new on-air talent, and showing budding p...


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