Inspiration / Open Chest TV / OCTV: Inkquisitive Reveals Why His Art Is His Saviour Pt.2

OCTV: Inkquisitive Reveals Why His Art Is His Saviour Pt.2

Inspiration Open Chest TV Aug 03, 2016

One of the reasons why Inkquisitive’s aka Amandeep Singh’s art work is globally appreciated is because he delves deep into de-constructing everyone from pop culture icons to religious figures to controversial topics like politics and war.

[blockquote]He also opens up about being bullied as a child for taking art classes, and how art therapy has ultimately become his weapon against fear.[/blockquote]

In Part 2 of my intimate chat with him, Inkquisitive opened up about his artistic inspirations and unyielding passion for art which he says he is compelled to execute due to a deep yearning for expression. He also dissects his art work and talks about the artistic methodology and storytelling behind his ink illustrations.

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