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My Healthy Valentine

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Nov 27, 2012

Our Health & Wellness Editor blogs about this romantic day's healthy side 

If Valentine’s Day isn’t excuse enough to enjoy red wine and dark chocolate with your sweetheart, a new study shows (yet again) their cancer preventing qualities. 

At a TED Conference, William Li (head of the Angiogenesis Foundation) revealed that red grapes and dark chocolate join the league of superfoods like blueberries, garlic, soy, and teas as cancer fighters. Li studies foods that contain chemicals that actually starve cancer cells to death and this is exactly what cancer drugs do – a treatment called anti-angiogenesis. Dr. Li's study found soy, parsley, red grapes, and berries were either as effective as approved drugs or more potent in battling cancer cells. 

What’s more is that eating these foods together were even more effective in fighting cancer. Yup, that means red wine and chocolate…together! Now if they could only add some gourmet cheese to that list of superfoods and we’ll have the makings of a cancer-fighting tapas party! If this wasn’t reason enough, the Foundation also found that the “cell starving” properties of these foods also melt away fat. Yes! Melt. Away. Fat. That’s because fat cells rely heavily on blood flow to sustain themselves. The study showed that mice genetically predisposed to being fat could lose weight with these foods. 

Now before you go and indulge with a license, keep in mind these foods and bevies should be enjoyed in moderation! We’re talking one 30g serving of DARK chocolate (that’s about and 3-4 squares of a bar) and one 5 oz glass of red wine. And it need not be wine. It is the red pigment chemicals of red grapes that have the “superpower” and not the alcohol. So you can get the same effects from REAL red grape juice. Here’s to your Healthy Valentine


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