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Brahman Naman: A Netflix Original About Nerds, Sex, And Road Trips

Anokhi DIY Anokhi Today Breaking News & Sports World Jun 11, 2016

You know what the world needs? More innocent, coming-of-age tales about sex-obsessed young people on a road trip.

Well, we’re in luck! The official full trailer of the fast-paced teen comedy Brahman Naman has dropped.

The story takes place in 1980s Bangalore. It follows school quiz champ Naman as he embarks on a trip with his hopeless geek friends to Calcutta to win a major college prize and pop some cherries along the way. Yes, that means getting sex. And lots of it.
The flick premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2016, where it was widely praised by critics and compared to classic films of the genre such as The Inbetweeners and American Pie.

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In an interview with GQ India, star Shashank Arora said, “I play the role of scriptwriter Naman Ramachandran. He’s this really witty, egoistic nerd who has all the answers and is on a mission to win the most prestigious quizzing trophy around – and lose his virginity.”
He also said, “When you’re 18 and a boy in India, and you get boners f***ing everywhere.”
Wise words, Arora. Very wise.

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The film is directed by indie hype director Qaushiq Mukherjee, who goes by the mysterious, suave nickname "Q." It's written by Naman Ramachandran — in his first solo writing effort — and produced by Steve Barron and Celine Loop.

Brahman Naman stars Shashank Arora. He's worked in the casting department on such Hollywood films as The Hundred Foot Journey and Furious 7. Arora plays the lead character, Naman. The movie also stars Tanmay Dhanania and Chaitanya Varad as Naman's sidekicks, and it features Biswa Kalyan Rath, Vaiswath Shankar, Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy and Sid Mallya.
The film will see its European premiere at the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival and will launch globally on July 7th, only on Netflix.
Go check out all the inappropriate action here.

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Taras Babiak

Taras Babiak


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