Anokhi Pulse TV / Burq Off!: Nadia Manzoor’s Take On Culture, Identity & Womanhood

Burq Off!: Nadia Manzoor’s Take On Culture, Identity & Womanhood

Anokhi Pulse TV Dec 31, 2015

Burq Off! takes us deep into the stereotypes of South Asian culture and its people, and breaks them with satire!

Actress and playwright Nadia P. Manzoor has been making waves with her one-woman, autobiographical show called Burq Off! Through the show, Manzoor punctuates the harsh, glum realities of a Pakistani Muslim home with fierce Bollywood dance moves which turns out to be quite the entertaining spectacle.
Embodying 21 different characters — a domineering father, a soulful mum, a saucy English friend and Islamic studies teachers whose interests range from slapping to pornography — Nadia illuminates her conflicted sense of identity while questioning repressive cultural norms. Moving, funny, and deeply personal yet universal, Burq Off! explores what it takes to evolve past the veil.

ANOKHI PULSE TV gets the opportunity to chat with Manzoor during one of her Toronto tour stops to find out about the inspiration behind the project, its inspirations from her own life and what she hopes audiences take away when they leave the theatre.

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Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


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