Anokhi Pulse TV / Beyond Bollywood: The Art Of Filmmaking With The Prabhat Film Company

Beyond Bollywood: The Art Of Filmmaking With The Prabhat Film Company

Anokhi Pulse TV Feb 01, 2016

Go beyond the world of Bollywood cinema with the docu-feature Journey With Prabhat. It gives viewers an inside look at the iconic talkie film era and its classic productions.

The Prabhat Film Company, popularly known as Prabhat Films, formed in 1929 as an Indian film production company and studio. It was founded by noted film director V. Shantaram and his friends. The studio spent more than two decades producing masterpieces of the early talkie era in both Hindi and Marathi, including Gopal Krishna (1929), Ayodhyecha Raja (1932) and Sant Tukaram (1936).

Folding under tough times, The Prabhat Film Company shut down in 1953 only to reopen its doors as the Film Institute of India in 1961. It now trains the next generation of filmmakers under this same name.

ANOKHI PULSE TV speaks to director Samarth Dixit, who was a student at the Film Institute of India. He was inspired to create this documentary based on ghost stories and myths surrounding the Prabhat Film Company. We speak to the director about how the Prabhat Film Company's classic filmmaking techniques have changed over time with new technologies and how this documentary is a tender ode to the art of cinema, proving India’s roots run deeper than Bollywood.

Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


Daniel is the Digital Media Manager for ANOKHI MEDIA and the host for ANOKHI's entertainment channel, PULSE TV. As part of the dream team, Daniel manages all multiple channels under ANOKHI’s portfolio, while also training new on-air talent, and showing budding p...


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