Exploring The South Asian Culture Of The West Indies

After being resettled from India in various West Indian countries now recognized as Indo-Caribbean, generations of West Indians have created a culture of their own. We explore the South Asian Culture of The West Indies.  Resettled Over half a million Indians found themselves on month long journeys from India to various West Indian countries after the abolishment of slavery. The British owners of plantations found t


Boss Babe: Abigail Ratchford Is The New Instagram Icon

At first glance Abigail Ratchford is a pretty face who has capitalized on her good looks. But behind her sexy and sultry look lies a social media maven and a savvy business woman. We tell you why Abigail Ratchford is the new Instagram icon.  Social media platforms are creating social media entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of traditional marketing and promotion, the unconventional


Ritu Bhasin Wants You To #Resist Conformity In Her New Book 'The Authenticity Principle'

Leadership coach and consultant Ritu Bhasin is refusing to conform and instead is living every day as her authentic self. In her first book, The Authenticity Principle, she explains