Open Chest Interview With Social Media Guru, Shama Hyder

In my many years as an entrepreneur, I have been blessed to have had the invaluable opportunity of meeting countless visionary minds who have changed the game in their respective professions. I call these stalwarts “forecasters of change,” who, against all odds, have advocated for, and made monumental strides in, pushing the round peg into the square hole of life. Since they have served as mentors for me in varying capac


What You Can Do With 48 Hours In Brussels

One day in Brussels is more than enough time to take in all the sights and enjoy what the city has to offer and so in 48 hours we will take you on a tour of two cities.  

- READ MORE Redefines The "Girl Power" Movement

Activism can sprout at any age so when Amani al-Khatahbeh decided to go online and create a supportive hub for girls at the age of 17 she became a game changer. Obviously.  When you touchdown on the first thing that pops up is a bold statement that “Muslim women talk back.” Fresh and feisty, Amani al-Khatahtbeh, 24,


Designer Profile On Canadian Fashion Label Sant Lafleur

When you want to channel your inner princess, Sant Lafleur makes those style wishes come true. What happens when Disney fairy tale meets South Asian bridal? A whimsical clothing line fit for a princess is just the tip of the iceberg. From elegant tulle skirts to eye-catching blouses, the Indo-Canadian clothing line Sant Lafleur has taken the South Asian market by storm with their