Amazon India Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2016

Spring is here and summer is near as we head over to New Delhi for Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, where designers amped up the ramp and schooled us on what’s new and cool. The New Cool Leisure style trends continue to run the ramp around the globe. Designer Anand Bhushan


Don't Get Scammed! Here's Our Travel Tips For South East Asia

When travelling through South East Asia you can easily get caught up with all the touristy stuff. Here are our tips on how to avoid getting ripped off.   Bored of routine? Itching to see some flashy colours and ancient sites? Why not go soul exploring in the third world?   Backpacking across South East Asia has become the go-to cliché for restless, wandering persons in need of some totally trippy expe


Canadian Musician Hits All The Right Beats With His Tabla

Shobhit Banwait is using the tabla to create a unique spin on popular radio songs. The 25-year-old didn't set out to put a Desi flavour on Western tracks, it just happened along the way. "I would listen to the radio [in the car] and put an Indian beat to top 40 songs,” he explains. In late 2012, he began posting his 15-second tabla covers