Issue 41 / Delhi 2 Dublin Release New Album 'We're All Desi' With Retro Bollywood Fusions

Delhi 2 Dublin Release New Album ‘We’re All Desi’ With Retro Bollywood Fusions

Mar 09, 2016

Popular fusion band Delhi 2 Dublin hits the global tour circuit promoting their new album We're All Desi which combines good ol' retro bollywood beats with some funky electronic sounds.

Music is global. It allows us to travel to exotic places far away with beats and sounds that evoke emotions, memories, dreams and desires. This could possibly be one of the many reasons why fusion music has such a large following around the world — it combines various elements and always delivers a sound that's pleasing. Who knows this world of fusion music better than music group Delhi 2 Dublin. The band is all set to hit Adelaide Hall in Toronto on March 17 for a live performance for St. Patrick's Day, as a stop in their global tour promoting their new album We're All Desi.

Delhi 2 Dublin knows how to entertain audiences with fusion flavour and fun. Their past albums — Turn Up The Stereo, Planet Electric and Delhi 2 Dubland — are pieces of musical proof that showcase the group's artistic talent and ability to connect with listeners all over the world. Their latest release, We're All Desi, aims to create a musical mix of notes and artistry that curate a culturally inclusive listening experience for all music lovers.

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The band formed in 2006 in Vancouver, Canada at the Celtic Fest, with what was meant to be a one-time performance. Ten years later, the band is thriving having become one of the most popular fusion acts to hit the scene. So what's the journey been like as a band over the years? "Like any other journey, like any relationship, there are moments of elation, moments of bliss, ups and downs, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It's been an enriching and eye-opening experience and we've all grown so much as individuals and musicians as well" said the group's lead vocalist Sanjay Seran to ANOKHI.

"It's been good, it's been fun. It's also been a slow climb to the top, but it's been a good time too!" says Ravi Binning, the group's resident dhol player.

"When on tour, we live on top of one another, sharing all the highs and the lows. To have made it 10 years, to feel closer than ever, to be writing our best music, it's an awesome feeling," said the band's founder and Tabla player Tarun Nayyar to ANOKHI

Delhi 2 Dublin Group Photo: (L-R) Tarun Nayar (tabla and electronics), Sanjay Seran (lead vocalist),
Ravi Binning (dhol player), Serena Eades (violin) and James Hussain (guitar).

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But what is fusion music exactly? The term "fusion" itself means to combine a collection of variying things, whatever they may be. But in a world that is so global today and foods, clothing, people and music from different cultures are so easily accessible, what's the cache with fusion music? For Delhi 2 Dublin, it isn't the mish mash of pop music, bhangra and celtic music which their music is a combination of; instead it's about being organic and true to oneself.

"I think the term 'fusion' is often misused, and I think the misuse of it comes from the way it's described. For us, as a band, this music comes naturally; it's real to us. We're evolving as people and the music evolves with us. Our music was never contrived, it just started organically and just grew. It's completely real! So that is what fusion is for us, all of us coming together to create this music," says Seran to ANOKHI.

"We're not trying to bring things together, we're just trying to portray ourselves through our music and the only way we are able to share that organically with others is through music and performane. This is our medium," he continues.

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We're All Desi comes as the band's first studio release since 2012's Turn Up The Stereo, and the album does not disappoint. Inspired by their favourite retro Bollywood records from the 1970s, the band has combined their love for bass and electronic sounds to come up with their latest music offering. We're All Desi is also a collaboration with producer Nick Middleton who has famously worked with The Funk Hunters. The album also is the band's most organic offering to date and with good reason.

Eschewing the sterility of clinical song writing, We’re All Desi was born out of organic jam sessions in the band's rehearsal space. But it wasn’t until these ideas entered Middleton’s studio that they truly started to take shape as they found their modern electronic backbone — a unifying component found across the album and the signature of the new Delhi 2 Dublin sound.

"We were heavily inspired by sampling old Bollywood songs from the 70s, vintage hip hop beats, and a kind of retro funk sound. Working with Nick Middleton helped us elevate the sound electronically and really solidify that bass music aesthetic," says Nayyar to ANOKHI

Delhi 2 Dublin Group Photo: (L-R) Serena Eades (violin), Sanjay Seran (lead vocalist),
Tarun Nayar (tabla and electronics), Ravi Binning (dhol player) and James Hussain (guitar).

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But despite its organic growth at this stage for the band, in unison they all truly believe it's their best foot forward to date. "It's the realest thing we have ever done. No external writers were involved in the songwriting process as was the case in our past work. We're All Desi is 100 per cent us," said Seran.

"With this album we are not re-approriating the word desi, it's just an extension of the phrase. We're all from somewhere, we're all indigienous to something, to some culture. We're living in a generation where so many of our parents are not from where we live, and where we were born. A massive cohort can relate to what we went through and that's what we want. This is what We're All Desi is about," continues Seran.

The result of this organic music creation process is a mashup of electronic and acoustic sounds from the East and West. True to the veteran band’s origins, and blazing into new lyrical and sonic territory, We’re All Desi is a battle call for a quickening world — more truth, more smiles . . . and a lot more bass.

"It's all about the fun and the party. When we see the crowds jumping, dancing and singing to our music we've made a connection," says James Hussian, the band's guitarist.

"That connection and knowing we all feel it together is what it's all about!"

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