DIY: Warm Up With This Hearty Vegetarian Daal Recipe

This hearty and healthy recipe is easy to make and quite tasty too.One fond memory that I have of my childhood is, naturally, food related. I remember, especially on rainy days, sipping on a cup of golden, spicy and piping hot daal. My mother would offer me a fresh, brimming mug of warmth and it would truly perk me up from the inside, all the way out to the tips of my wee fingers. It was a real treat that would stick to my bones and


DIY Recipe: Pasta Sauce With Sausage, Basil and Olive Oil

Simplicity is the way to go when you want each ingredient to really pack a punch! And with this pasta recipe, you'll ask for seconds! Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity. Many Italian recipes feature only four to eight ingredients. Italian sauces, at their best, are made from simple, minimal ingredients that pack tremendous amounts of flavour and can transform any simple pasta into a five-star meal!


Today's Latest Trend For People On-The-Go: A Meal In A Mug

Check out our cool recipes on making these tasty treats for us on the go! When you're busy, grabbing takeout can easily become a crutch, but it can get to be costly and, personally, I find it much more satisfying to have something you've prepared for yourself. And so, if you're down with food that makes your taste buds dance and your stomach feel satisfied, you need this new trend in your life: meals in a mug.I am impartial to r


DIY: Masala Chai Recipes With A Twist

Fall is slowly setting in, and even as we stubbornly cling to the last glimmers of summer, cooler temps bring with them the joys of curling up in cozy woollies with warm, soothing drinks. And what better than a classic masala chai recipe full of fall flavours to kick off the season? We’ve got the basics of this South Asian staple, plus some variations to try during the cold months. 


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    DIY: White Fish With Tomato And Herb Salsa Recipe

    Freshen up your fish recipe with this delicious tomoto, herb salsa!Cooking is a true passion of mine. I love watching cooking shows to learn from all the amazing chefs out there. One of my favourite chefs is Gordon Ramsay. His dishes are true masterpieces from start ...


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    DIY: Make Delicious Onion Rings Desi Style!

    Whether it’s a tea time treat or the starter course to your meal, onion pakoras or bhajias are a go-to South Asian snack.But traditional pakoras can get doughy and soak up a fair bit of oil, making them heavy and rubbery. So we’ve got the perfect solution for y ...


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    DIY: Spicy South Asian Summer Drinks To Keep You Cool

    When you think of summer drinks, you may default to tried and tested classics like sweet lemonade or cooling iced tea, but we have some pretty fresh ideas for you to try! Many staple South Asian summer coolers combine sweet, spicy, sour and savoury ingredients that will ...


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    DIY: Crazy And Cool Donut Recipes

    Don't be afraid of donuts! With our unique healthy twist you'll be asking for seconds! There's nothing that I love more than a sweet treat with my coffee, o ...


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    DIY Cool Down With Some Fresh Fruit Popsicles

    Fresh fruit popsicles cool you down, they help you reach your fruit servings for the day, and they satisfy your sweet tooth in a cinch!  ...


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    DIY How to Make Almond Milk At Home

    Almond milk is great for you but can be intimidating to make. Don't stress! We have step-by-step instructions for this delish DIY recipe!Milk: it does the body good, right? Like many of you, I grew up on the notion that milk is a vital part of a balanced diet. ...


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    Take Your Chicken To The Next Level With This Citrus-infused Recipe!

    Enjoy this fantastic creamy garlic chicken recipe!  This year, I've been very focused on the food that I'm eating, especially when it comes to protein. Eating the same thing day in and day out can be very tiring and uninspiring. When that happens, it's eas ...


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    How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

      So your kids panic at the sight of palaak? Here are our tips on how to get them to eat those veggies.Are your kids eating healthy? Do they run away from their vegetables and avoid natural, well-balanced home-cooked meals? As a mom of two young children, my ...


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    Bring On The Bhajia With Our Crispy Onion Fritters Recipe

    Summer time is the best when summer snacks are involved so here's is a yummy bhajia recipe perfect for when you have guests. One of the best and most famous Indian appetizers has to be pakodas!. One of my favourite versions of the pakoda is onion bhajia. The word ...


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    Island Flavours Breathe New Life Into Fettuccine Alfredo

    Infuse your favourite fettuccine with some spicy island flavour with this easy and delicious recipe.  Preparing dinner should be quick and easy so that we are can enjoy wha ...


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    Top Health Trends in South Asia and Abroad That You May Want To Try!

      Looking to give your weight loss routine a boost? Well there are some pretty interesting trends happening in South Asia and beyond. Are you brave enough to try some of these out? You blow out the candle on your birthday c ...