DIY: Bread Pudding Recipe With South Asian Spices

Take your favourite bread pudding and give it a desi twist with our recipe.Lately, in many of the restaurants that I've dined at, I've noticed that bread puddings are making a serious comeback! I mean really, what's not to love: bread, milk, sugar and butter?! Regretfully, my waistband did not share my less rational sentiment, which set me on the search for a slightly more health-conscious b


DIY: Reinvented Makki Ki Ghaat Cornmeal Porridge Recipe

Embrace the ghee on your cheat day with this simplified and easy to make Makki Ki Ghaat cornmeal recipe!Porridge is not a delicacy or a dish that everyone raves about, which I can understand as it kind of resembles (and sometimes tastes like) regurgitated baby food. But, I promise that once you try this Makki Ki Ghaat cornmeal recipe, you'll become a firm believer


Check Out These 3 Naan Pizza Recipes Perfect For Your Tastebuds

Elevate your appetizer game with these crowd pleasing naan pizza recipes!Everyone loves pizza but you will be the winner with these easy naan pizza recipes: Rainbow Pizza for the veggie lovers, Ta


DIY: Curried Cauliflower Florets Recipe

Need to revamp your veggie style? Check out our cauliflower floret recipe which is pretty perfect. Earlier this year, I was desperate to start eating better and sticking to my workout regime (sadly, I've fallen off the bandwagon since then, but I learned a lot about food that I still incorporate into my lifestyle today). As part of this process, I started on my low-carb journey to misery-land.One of the staples that I


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    DIY: Battle Your Cold With This Indian Hot Drink Recipe

    Straight from Daadi's cabinet we have the best cold-fighting drink  you can make at home! We’re still in the midst of cold and flu season and there are at least a couple of months left to go. If you find yourself struggling with the sniffles, we’ve got a simple home remedy you can ...


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    DIY: Nutella Hot Chocolate With Desi Flair!

    The weather outside is getting rather frightful, but we’ve got a hot chocolate recipe that will make staying indoors absolutely delightful!Check out our decadent twist on a cold weather classic.[caption id="attachment_9523" align="aligncenter" width="433"] ...