DIY: Bread Pudding Recipe With South Asian Spices

Take your favourite bread pudding and give it a desi twist with our recipe.Lately, in many of the restaurants that I've dined at, I've noticed that bread puddings are making a serious comeback! I mean really, what's not to love: bread, milk, sugar and butter?! Regretfully, my waistband did not share my less rational sentiment, which set me on the search for a slightly more health-conscious b


DIY: This Spring's Top New Beauty Products To Try Out

From the perfect brown skin tone concealer to new masked oil to mattifying lip shades, there's a boatload of new and exciting top beauty products this spring.Spring is almost around the corner but when it comes to the hottest new beauty products, the shelves are already packed


DIY: Reinvented Makki Ki Ghaat Cornmeal Porridge Recipe

Embrace the ghee on your cheat day with this simplified and easy to make Makki Ki Ghaat cornmeal recipe!Porridge is not a delicacy or a dish that everyone raves about, which I can understand as it kind of resembles (and sometimes tastes like) regurgitated baby food. But, I promise that once you try this Makki Ki Ghaat cornmeal recipe, you'll become a firm believer


DIY: Body Contour Tips To Accentuate Your Assets In A Sari

Get instant abs, defined collar bones and a bigger bust with our body contour tips.Thanks to contour queen Kim Kardashian a new makeup trend was born. Women learned to make their nose thinner, define thei


  • Turkey Keema Masala Recipe. Photo Credit: Pooja Rao

    DIY Healthy Turkey Keema Masala Recipe

    This healthy turkey keema masala recipe gets some lean meat into your healthy eating regimen without losing the masala taste.I strongly believe in food that not only nourishes the body but also the soul. I am on a mission to create meals that are healthy and delicious even when it come ...


  • winter hair care DIY

    5 Key Beauty Products For Your Winter Hair Care

    We sometimes forget that our mane needs major TLC when dealing with winter temps. Here are our surefire winter hair care tips. Winter brings out the worst in us and our tresses. Giving your hair a much-needed dose of moisture is essential. Whether you choose to use a moisturizing mask ...


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    Check Out These 3 Naan Pizza Recipes Perfect For Your Tastebuds

    Elevate your appetizer game with these crowd pleasing naan pizza recipes!Everyone loves pizza but you will be the winner with these easy naan pizza recipes: Rainbow Pizza for the ...


  • cauliflower-mian

    DIY: Curried Cauliflower Florets Recipe

    Need to revamp your veggie style? Check out our cauliflower floret recipe which is pretty perfect. Earlier this year, I was desperate to start eating better and sticking to my workout regime (sadly, I've fallen off the bandwagon since then, but I learned a lot about food that ...


  • DIY tips on a stress-free all-inclusive vacation with your parents

    Tips On A Stress-Free Beach Vacation With South Asian Parents

    So you want to go on a beach vacation and so do your South Asian parents? Don't freak out. Here are our DIY tips on making your beach time blissful. Does planning a beach vacation with the family s ...


  • cold and cough remedy

    DIY: Battle Your Cold With This Indian Hot Drink Recipe

    Straight from Daadi's cabinet we have the best cold-fighting drink  you can make at home! We’re still in the midst of cold and flu season and there are at least a couple of months left to go. If you find yourself struggling with the sniffles, we’ve got a simple home remedy you can ...


  • hearty vegetarian daal recipe

    DIY: Warm Up With This Hearty Vegetarian Daal Recipe

    This hearty and healthy recipe is easy to make and quite tasty too.One fond memory that I have of my childhood is, naturally, food related. I remember, especially on rainy days, sipping on a cup of golden, spicy and piping hot daal. My mother would offer me a fresh, brimming mug of warm ...


  • pic_for_anokhi_recipe_Aug_162016_b64.jpg

    DIY Recipe: Pasta Sauce With Sausage, Basil and Olive Oil

    Simplicity is the way to go when you want each ingredient to really pack a punch! And with this pasta recipe, you'll ask for seconds! Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity. Many Italian recipes feature only four to eight ingredients. Italian sauces, at their best, are made f ...


  • glitter_feature_6c3.jpg

    DIY: 3 Ways To Wear Glitter Makeup As An Adult

    Don't be afraid of glitter. Embrace it with our tips on how to rock the look (without looking like a five-year-old). Glitter has been gotten a bad rap. We’ve heard that beautiful, colourful sparkles are no longer appropriate after a certain age, and we adults are left to stare longingly ...


  • 58114-colorcorrectingherojpg.jpg.660x0_q80_crop-scale_upscale_4ea.jpg

    DIY: Tips On Getting Your Skin Colour Corrected

    Renowned makeup artist and colour queen Kavita Suri gives our beauty editor a cool correction session which we can all learn from! The term "colour correction" has become a bit of a buzzword in the makeup industry. Of course, the technique has been around forever, but with more companies m ...


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    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: 10 Iconic Moments That Defined Brangelina

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have parted ways, and we seriously can't deal. So we take a look at the couple that will always be remembered as one of the most iconic pairings of present-day Hollywood. It happened on September 20, 2016. Breaking news truly broke the internet. And it had noth ...