3 Best Looks To Tame Men's Wild Locks


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Well guys, I’m sure you’re all are looking for new ways to coiffe your hair, and create new and captivating looks that suit the many different styles happening in the constantly evolving world of men’s fashion. The hard part is deciding which look best suits your hair type and the overall look you’re going for. In this guide, we are going to break all that down and leave you with stress free styling.

Life’s a Beach (Curly Hair)

As many of us with curly hair know, it can be difficult to tame the beast that rests atop our heads without weighing it down. Product overload which edges too close to the tight and lacquered Jheri curl of the 70’s should stay exactly where it is, safely tucked into the past and never allowed to see the light of day again.

The first step is to keep it as natural as possible, and I have found with many trials and tribulations for coarse and thick hair, the best thing to do is wash your hair then apply the conditioner.  Don’t rinse it out.  Limit the amount you use to accommodate the hair length and use a good quality curly conditioner. Shape the hair around your face then let it naturally air dry (do not blow dry).  This is the key, do not touch it until it is completely dry, then run your fingers through it to loosen the curl, and you have natural carefree curls that will be appreciated by many.

Sendhil Ramamurthy with his curly hair 

Aveda Conditioner - Be Curly 


This is the quintessential look, which you have seen all the A list men’s celebrities sporting, from people like David Beckham to Zac Efron. You all know the look, the first step is the right hair stylist.  I searched high and low for my stylist as I wanted to make sure they faded with scissors not a shaver.  Why is this important?  For the simple fact that a good fade should be done by hand to curve with the natural shape of your head, and the line should blend seamlessly to the longer portion of hair at the top. 

Next you’re going to need a hair straightener, and for guys I recommend a blade no wider than 1 inch, as using a big clunky tool on a small bit of hair is more likely going to cause burns and frustration, which clearly we want to avoid.  Start by working from the front of your hair and pull the hair towards the back creating the shape you want, by this time you should already see the look coming together.  Let the hair sit for five to ten minutes to allow it to cool before applying a texturize cream.  Take a small bit of the cream (about the size of a dime on your finger) then rub it in your hands and work it into the hair from the back to the front, then finish with a medium to strong hold hair spray.

John Abraham sporting Faux Hawk

Rowenta Beauty Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron 

Matte Grip - 05 Hold Tenue by Joico

BIG BANG (Fine Hair)

For a more simplistic and clean over all style, side swept bangs are massive, however this doesn’t mean grow your bangs to the length of an adolescent Justin Bieber, after all you’re a man not a boy.  This style will take a couple of haircuts with your stylist to perfect depending on the length your hair currently is.  What separates this from the aforementioned faux hawk is that the sides of this cut can be a little longer, which cuts down on the amount of times you’ll need to see your stylist.  To style this, simply blow dry straight with a round brush or use your fingers, then a few strokes of your straightener, then finish off with a medium hold wax soufflé and you’re ready to rock.

Shahid Kapoor in his long locks

SKP Osis WhippedWax 

With these hair tricks safely stored in your holster, get in front of the mirror and try them several times to solidify your own technique, then take it to the public like a rock star.

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